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Gluten Free /Allergen Friendly

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Welcome to Food Fairies, LLC, "The Eat Em Up Truck", where you can find delicious gluten free baked goods for every occasion. Our products are made fresh with natural ingredients and non synthetic food dyes.

    Growing up in an Italian household, our daily ways of life included eating bread, pasta, and lots of cheese. When I found out that I developed an allergy to gluten, I wanted to learn how to make baked goods that I can enjoy all year long.  Although, cheese is naturally gluten free, bread and pastas are not. I did not want to give up the things that I love to eat due to a food allergy, so I decided to use my culinary experience from my service in the Coast Guard to make allergy friendly/earth friendly products. 

     I have created a menu with delicious, fresh baked goods that are 100% gluten free, so you can enjoy that warm cookie on a snowy night, your favorite banana bread, or even a piece of birthday cake!  You deserve that sweet taste of dessert anytime!  It tastes so good that you'll eat em up!!

Thank you for your support,

Danielle Tissue